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No visit is complete without enjoying at least one of our walks. 

There are five walks to choose from and together they make up one complete circuit (7km) which should take around 2 hours to complete. 

“Despite being only four kilometres long, Utopia is unique in the way that within just a few hundred metres you move through one mini ecosystem to another, from rocky to riverine, from open grassland to woodland

Proudly part of the Magaliesberg Biosphere, estimated at around 400 billion years old, with breathtaking, rugged wilderness and a landscape seeped in rich history dating back to origins of humankind, Utopia is certainly a special place!

None of the walks are strenuous, only up to one kilometer in distance, and generally marked with the white double-footprint logo.

Comfy walking shoes and a good walking stick  is recommended for an enjoyable walk and to clear the way through along the path.  You’ll find walking sticks at the chalet for your use. 

The Vervet Monkeys (Blou Aap) and baboons are ever-present.  Remember these resident friends are still wild animals, so please do not feed or encourage them as this could make them a nuisance and possibly even aggressive?  

Be sure to close all windows and lock your doors before leaving your chalet, or they could may sneak inside the chalet and wreak havoc looking for food. 

Be cautious of snakes possibly hiding in the bush, or basking on the rocks though they should get out of the way when they feel you coming – Except for Adders! 

Keep off private property – You may ramble outside the designated walks, however you may not cross over the river or pass through fences as this would mean trespassing.

There are none of the Big Five – or other predatory animals at Utopia,although someone invariably reports a sighting ‘the leopard’ about once a year.  

Estate Rules – Do not litter, pick flowers  
or take firewood. No fires in undesignated areas, or left unattended.  

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that 
All walks are taken at your own risk