Indulge the Senses, Relax & Unwind 

The perfect place to relax and unwind
Explore the bush, take a deep breath. Take a walk, pack a picnic, swim in rock pools or take a hike.

Theres plenty to do, with nature and relaxation at the heart of it all. Indulge in the array of recreational facilities on offer.

Walking Trails & Hikes

Explore your surroundings, drink in the serenity.  Choose from one of the scenic short walks, and swim in natural rock pools along the way. For the more serious hiker, there is always the allure of the Tonquani Gorge nearby

Recreational Facilities

It's time for rest and recreation.  The chalet is a great place to kick back and relax, though the the Main Centre is within walking distance to enjoy a light sumptuous meal, laze by rock pools, and enjoy the entertainment facilities. 

Out & About

Got a little cabin fever? Or is the silence ringing in your ears and you need to get out a bit. The Magaliesberg mountains are amongst the oldest in the world, and there's an array of things  to do right on your doorstep!