Holiday time!

Going on holiday always begs the question ‘What to Pack’ ?  Without stating the obvious, here’s a few essentials for your suitcase: 

  • Swimming costume and towel/s
  • Sunscreen and sunhat
  • Hiking boots / walking shoes
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Battery operated torch or flashlight
  • Wood, charcoal and firelighters


Complimentary tea and coffee amenities are provided, but if you fancy packing some filter coffee, there’s a plunger for that ‘aaaahhh’ cuppa.

Most days are hot and sunny, but for those rainy lazy days, there’s backgammon and dominoes, unless there’s a game you’d like to bring?

Tonquani can see 3 seasons in one day. No matter how hot it gets, a sweater and a wind breaker are a good idea – that wind comes up hard and fast.

There are plenty of nooks and shady spots for a picnic, so pack that picnic basket and blanket if you have one!

Oh yes, and for the wildlife and birding that abounds, have the binocular’s handy!!!